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TIANXUN TX-V5 Under Vehicle Monitor System


· 30 * 30 cm Square high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror,

· convex-shaped two-fold amplification effect,

· as 1/2 weight as the an ordinary glass mirror of the same size,

· With certain toughness, not easy to break, safe and durable, t

· The brightness is as the glass mirror.

·  PS at the bottom can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by the collision.

· minimum height: 10CM

TIANXUN TX-V5 Under Vehicle Monitor System Specs:

· 30 * 30 cm Square high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror,
· convex-shaped two-fold amplification effect,
· as 1/2 weight as the an ordinary glass mirror of the same size,
· With certain toughness, not easy to break, safe and durable, t
· The brightness is as the glass mirror.
·  PS at the bottom can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by the collision.
· minimum height: 10CM

· T-type retractable rod.
· 170degree joint flip change designed to maximize probe depth into the vehicles and goods, lactose shrapnel, plastic ring pairs of the insurance position,
· Using high-quality aluminum structures and several high-intensity processing, light, strong and beautiful.
· Outdoor grill surface clean room paint handling, long-term use does not fade, no peculiar smell, harmless to human body.
· Equipped with a black cotton foam handle grip feeling good for a long time operation.

Light source
· Fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamp with a light natural, soft features;

· Built-in lithium battery, 1-2-hour charge for 5-6 hours work.
· Economic, convenient and practical.
· Packaged with a standard power adapter.
· Make the rod for folding fixed in aluminum case for easy withdrawn.
· Equipped with portable bag for collection, when not in use.

Use method
· This model use for under vehicle inspection operation design, tables, chairs, vehicle and other objects need to bend down to search:
such as searching under the fixed object temporary can use our portable ML models.· For the surprise search: Cabinets, ceiling and other objects that need climbing using MW or removed at the end of round of the ML to check.

· According the actual situation, if under low-light conditions with a flashlight so as to avoid missing the target object search

Package list:
· Convex
· Chargers
a small tube
· T -shaped tube

Product parameters:
· Power: DC12V rechargeable battery pack
· light: energy-saving lamp
· handle Length: 1 meter (scalable)
· Weight: 5KG
· Packing Size: 60 * 36 * 16MM (Aluminum Packaging)


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