TM-F610 Facial Recognition & Time Attendance Device

  • State of the art facial recognition algorithm
  • Fast and accurate identification
  • TM-F610 capacity: 1000 faces, 5000 fingerprints, 300 000 logs
  • Dual HD IR Camera which enables operation in the dark
  • ARM (Quad-Core) Processor
  • T9 input
  • Late and early reminder, duty and off duty reminder

৳ 5,200


TM-F610 Facial Recognition & Time Attendance Spec:

Model number TM-F610
Face Algorithm FACE V2.2
Fingerprint Algorithm Fingerprint V3.0
User Capacity 5000
Face Capacity 1000
Fingerprint Capacity 5000
Card Capacity(ID optional) 5000
Password 500
Log Capacity 300,000
Manage record 10000
Identification Face, fingerprint, card, password and combinations
Verify mode 1:N, 1:1
Face verify speed <1s
FACE FRR <0.0001%
Face FAR <1%
Face intelligent auto-update Yes
Fingerprint verify <1s
Fingerprint FRR <0.0001%
Fingerprint FAR <0.1%
Fingerprint auto-update Yes
Cameras Dual HD cameras
Infrared Light Dual IR
Fingerprint Sensor Optical sensor
Human-Proximity detection Yes
Display 2.8″ TFT Color LCD
Language English, Spanish, Persian, etc
Voice English, Spanish, Persian, etc
Input T9 input to enter the user information

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