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TOA ST-321B Microphone Stand



TOA ST-321B microphone stand is for the floor-type microphone. Coming with an angle-length adjustable boom, the ST-321B is a two-step telescopic floor microphone stand with foldable legs. To order for this stand, contact us or visit this page to place the order.

TOA ST-321B Microphone Stand Specs:

Enlarged Extensible Length 1045 – 1706 mm (3.43 – 5.6 ft)
Boom Enlarged Extensible Length 53 – 660 mm (2.09″ – 25.98″)
Mounting Screw NS5/8 (pipe thread), U5/16 (adapter)
Finish Steel pipe for general use, black, mat finish, paint
Weight 2.9 kg (6.39 lb)
Accessory Thread adapter …1

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