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Two-Dimensional Code Certificate Verification Machine


This machine is based on the DR1000 reader and a two-dimensional code reader that can scan and decode the information on the two-dimensional code. In some applications, it is necessary to display the document information in advance as the two-dimensional code pattern on the mobile phone screen or paper.

By checking the document or card, the actual certificate information and the certificate information on the two-dimensional code can be verified. It can also directly scan and decode the two-dimensional code information without checking the certificate that is suitable for persons who need to go through customs faster in some situations.

Two-Dimensional Code Certificate Verification Machine Specs:


  • Besides supporting all the functions and features of DR1000, this machine can read two-dimensional code.


  • High-speed rail
  • Customs clearance gateway
  • Identity verification
  • Self-service gates in the scenic area


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