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UBio-X Pro Access Control



  • Advanced face and fingerprint recognition terminal with high definition camera to provide fastest matching speed and high accuracy.
  • Nitgen’s latest face authentication algorithm (150,000 Templates / Second) to accurately recognize faces in various lighting conditions.
  • Large memory can store up to 1,000,000 templates; 10,000,000 event logs and 20,000 image logs.
  • Can be used in various applications and environments like access control, time & attendance and large scale integrated security centers.

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UBio-X Pro Access Control Description Specs:

Nitgen UBio-X Pro is built to live up to its name and perform like a pro even in challenging conditions. It took just right ingredients to make UBio-X pro a real performer. Be it Nitgen’s latest face recognition algorithm or the highly accurate dual camera system, UBio-X Pro is one of the highly versatile face + fingerprint recognition terminals around.

UBio-X Pro Access Control system is equipped with the world’s highest performance face recognition algorithm, backed by a high definition dual-camera system to provide the fastest matching speed while keeping up with the performance part.

Equipped with a powerful quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM, UBio-X Pro can match 150,000 face templates in 1 second. Fast processing, however, is not the only highlight of its facial recognition ability; Nitgen’s face authentication algorithm can recognize faces without compromising accuracy even in challenging lighting conditions.

No matter how complex your access control or time and attendance requirements are, Nitgen UBio-X Pro can handle them effortlessly.

UBio-X Pro: Salient Features

  • The high-performance face recognition algorithm
  • Multi-option biometric recognition: face and fingerprint for access control and time and attendance applications
  • High-speed face and fingerprint matching
  • Instant matching speed 150,000 face templates in 1 second
  • Patented fake fingerprint detection technology
  • 2MP CMOS camera with IR LED, stronger filtering of background brighter background conditions
  • Designed to adapt to high ambient light conditions, illuminates up to 30,000 Lux
  • Android 6.0 based intuitive graphical user interface with touch screen

Usability and Applications

UBio-X Pro’s usability gets to the next level with its 5 inches intuitive LCD touch screen with clean, wide and easy to use graphical interface. While shaking hands with biometric recognition, UBio-X Pro does not forget RF access card. Its built-in card reader can read multiple card types including SC Card (13.56 MHz), RF Card (125 KHz), and PROX Card (125 KHz).

There is no limit where you can use UBio-X Pro. All-access control and time and attendance applications in manufacturing plants, banks, high-security access control in data centers, R&D centers, and even in large scale integrated security centers, it can meet your security as well performance expectations.

Authentication Method Biometric
Dust/ Water Resistance X
Memory Max Users 500,000
Fingerprints (Templates) FP : 1,000,000 (1:1)

200,000 (1:N)

Face : 1,000,000 (1:1)

150,000 (1:N)

Logs 10,000,000
Images 20,000
Communication With Server TCP/IP
Other SD Card
Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi) Optional
Wiegand OUT O
RS232 O
RS485 O
Wiegand IN O
Display LCD 5″Color Touch
Backlight O
Embedded Camera Dual
Card 125khz-EM O
HID Prox O
HID iclass O
13.56MHz Smart Card O
Keypad Touch Screen
Function keys SOFT
Door Phone Volp
FP Sensor Platen Area 15.5 X 19 mm
Resolution 500 dpi
Authentication Speed (1:1) < 0.2 sec
1:N (1,000) < 0.7 sec
Dimension (W) X (H) X (D) mm 149.5 X 208.5 X89.7
FRR /FAR 0.1% / 0.0001%
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60℃

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