Under Car Checking Mirror

  • Lightweight with adjustable handle
  • Low 3.5‎”‎ ground clearance
  • For indoor or outdoor usage
  • Scratch resist

৳ 4,800


Under Car Checking Mirror Specs:

The Under Vehicle Search Mirror is portable inspection mirror that are invaluable for looking into hard-to-see places in high-security areas. Use wherever Direct observation is not possible Under Vehicle Scanner is Used for Searching for Security. The mirror is with either a Trolley or Hand-held system. Inspection mirrors are made of an unbreakable acrylic mirror or highly durable glass. Lightweight but sturdy fittings make using the inspection mirrors simple to use and the adjustable mirror head permits access to the most difficult of areas. Under Vehicle Search Mirror can view underneath. Used by enforcement agencies, engineering, building maintenance, armed services, and security guards.

# Check Car parking Barriers


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