Unicare LSES 8-GI Safety Showers & Eyewash

Product Code: OTC2161

  • Safety Showers are designed to flush the eyes, skin, and body.
  • The Unicare LSES 8-GI eyewash and drench shower portions of the units can be used independently or simultaneously, depending on the type and severity of the injury.
  • Our ANSI-compliant emergency showers will offer the protection your workforce needs when working with hazardous chemicals.
  • It’s included an eyewash or eye-face wash in the shower component.
  • We offer the most protection for all parts of the body in the event of a chemical splash.
  • The water pressure and volume must be in compliance with the eyewash and the shower together.
  • Full body shower activated by a triangular pull handle. Combination Showers Protects Your Eyes, Face, and Body.

৳ 30,000


Unicare LSES 8-GI Safety Showers & Eyewash Specs:

For Eye Wash: Foot Pedal operated Self Closing Brass Ball Valve with Brass Ball and Spindle.
For Shower: Yellow Galvanized Pull Rod

  • Height of Shower Head: 2100 mm to 2400mm
  • Flow Rate: More than 110 LPM at 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2)
  • The diameter of Water Column: 510mm at 1500mm from ground level
  • Flow Pattern: Evenly distributed. It gives 50% +/- 10% of the water in 400mm dia. circle and 95% of the water in 800mm dia.
  • The circle at 700mm below the showerhead.
  • Valve Operation: Operated within one second or less and stay open till intentionally closed (stay-open construction).
  • The force required to open the valve is less than100 N
  • Shower Head: Not easily removable or cannot change its direction
  • The material of Construction: Anti-Corrosive materials like galvanized iron, stainless steel, brass, thermoplastic, etc.

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