Universal Walkie Talkie Waterproof Transparent Bag

This transparent, waterproof walkie-talkie pouch protects your radio from water, snow, sand, or dust. It is waterproof IP65 and its universal soft case is suitable for all brands of walkie-talkie of 35cm max. (with antenna included) and suitable for outdoor activities, high heat (+50°C), or cold weather (-20°C).

৳ 600


Universal Walkie Talkie Waterproof Transparent Bag Specs:

Description: This is a high-quality universal walkie-talkie shield, designed with transparent technology, with high waterproof and fog-proof functions, so that you can enjoy playing while ensuring the safety of products. Feature: 1. Safety: Waterproof bag has high sealing accuracy and fine workmanship, which ensures high water resistance of the product. 2. Sports protection: high-strength waterproof, dust-proof, fog-proof, snow-proof, and scratch-proof functions make it more suitable for outdoor activities such as outdoor tourism, beach games, water parks, drifting, alpine skiing and so on. It is the best choice for your outdoor safety partners. Specification: Colour: Transparent Weight: 36g Application: Applicable to most general walkie-talkies. Product size: about 18*11cm/7.08*4.33” (excluding antenna part) Antenna part size: about 14 cm/5.51” Hanging rope length: about 40 cm/15.74” Working temperature: -30~+60C.

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