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Vians 180 KG EM Door Lock



Product Code: OTC2233

Vians 180 KG EM door lock is best Standard Lock Solution For Door Security Automation, Can be Combined with Manual Locking System, Remote Control System, Its Also Good For Enhance Digital Security System Solution for All User. EM Lock Common Applications are Security Door, Home Door Automation, Office Door Automation, Fire Exit Door Controlling, Main Door Like Metal Door, Wooden Door.


Vians 180 KG EM Door Lock Specs:

VI 180 KG Lock Parameter Technical Description
Lock Size 170L*42W*21H(mm)
Armature Plate Dimension 130L*33W*9H(mm)
Holding Force 180kg(350Lbs)
Signal output NO
Input Voltage DC12V or DC24V
Working Current 12V/300mA 24V/150mA
Door Type Applicable Wooden door, Glassdoor, Metal door, Fireproof door
Time Delay NO
Security Type Power off to open
Weight 1.2kg

180 KG Holding Force EM Lock is an Electric Lock, Where The Lock Can Hold Up to 180 KG Force. The 180 KG EM Lock mostly used for Wooden Door Lock, Glass Door Lock, also for Many Door Access Control Lock  Solution.

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