Yarmee YC813C Desktop Discussion Chairman Unit

  • Chairman priority button, When pressed the chairman priority button causes all currently active delegate microphones to be permanently muted.
  • Built-in loudspeaker and pluggable microphone.
  • The built-in loudspeaker, automatically muted when the microphone is on or headphones are connected.
  • Rotary volume control for adjusting built-in loudspeaker volume or headphone volume(when headphone connect).
  • Light ring indicator on microphone stem, lights up red when microphone is on. Microphone button with a red or green illuminated ring LED.
  • Green indicates microphone is active, red indicates request-to-speak not accepted.


Yarmee YC813C Desktop Discussion Chairman Unit Specs:

YC813 is a multifunctional conference system central unit for processing and control discussion, build-in mute, connect up to 60 units microphone, and using extend power can connect 120 units, multiple meeting modes, inside sets double safety for DC & AC, socket of 6.3mm, independence level control, master control volume, LCD meeting place display alive, capable of telephones connection for remote teleconferencing, 19”standard rack, clear sound, hi-fidelity, LCD screen, four speech controlling modes.

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