Yeastar VoIP PBX S2 Module 2FXS Ports

Yeastar modular design allows different input and output channels to choose from by using different modules. Yeastar MyPBX S2 module enables the PBX system with 2 FXS Ports.

FXS ports help the customers to connect fax machines as well as analog phones. MyPBX S2 module can be used in all the Yeastar MyPBX Series including the new S series PBX Systems.

৳ 5,700



Yeastar VoIP PBX S2 Module 2FXS Ports Specs:

  • Port 2 RJ11 FXS Ports On-hook Voltage (tip/ring) 48V
  • Supported Model S20, S50, S100, S300 Off-hook Current 10 mA
  • Ring Frequency 25 Hz Terminating Impedance Option 600 Ohm
  • Ring Load 840 Ohm Max Length Supported 1500M
  • Loop Impedance 2000 Ohm Pulse Dial Speed 100~135 ms/ 10pps
  • Loop Current 20 mA Surge Voltage 1.5KV (10/70uS)
  • Off-hook Voltage 11V
  • REN Load (1000M)
  • 5REN=1400 Ohm
  • 3REN=2330 Ohm
  • 1REN=7000 Ohm

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