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ZKTeco PB1030 Parking Barrier



Product Code: OTC2108

ZK Parking Barrier PB1030 is a product in which ZKTeco owns independent intellectual property rights. Its boom prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering a restricted area and can be raised by the remote control, access control system, and long-distance reader.

If a loop detector is installed, the impact can be avoided. The boom will be automatically lowered after the vehicle passes through the gate; otherwise, the boom can be lowered manually by using a remote controller or press a button.

The parking barrier can be equipped with a photocell. When people/vehicles obscure the infrared launched from the photocell, the boom will be stopped and then raised during lowering.

After people/vehicles leave, the boom will be automatically lowered. In this ZKTeco PB1030 car barrier, with the Boom illuminator system, the light turns green when the boom is raised and turns red when the boom is lowered. ZK PB1030 barrier helps the driver to determine the position of the boom and avoid hitting the boom.

ZKTeco PB1030 Parking Barrier Specs:

LaneWidth                                                 3M, up to 3.8M with, TELESCOPIC BOOM
Opening/closing time                                                     6S
Supply Voltage                                                   110V AC or 220V AC
Power Consumption Max.                                    200W 200W 200W
Frequency                                                                     50-60Hz
Cabinet Material                                                Powder Coated Steel
Boom Material                                                       Aluminum Alloy
Base Frame                                                                Cast Iron
Temperature Range                                                -20°C~+60°C
Humidity Range                                                            ≤90%
Ingress Protection                                                         IP54
Housing Dimensions(W x D x H)                     250 * 250 * 980(mm)
Packing Dimensions(W x D x H)                     410 * 390 * 1250(mm)
net weight (Without Boom)                                          48KG
gross weight (Without Boom)                                      62KG


Push Button Station      Siren       Photo Cell
Remote Transmitter      Loop      Loop Detector

Optional Functions

Heater system            Controller(C3-100 or inBIO160)
Cooling system             Boom illuminator system
Wooden Package

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