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ZKteco SLK20R Biometric Fingerprint Scanner



This is a ZKteco USB fingerprint reader. ZKteco SLK20R Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is a leading fingerprint scanner designed by ZKTeco USA laboratory which adopts advanced optical design. SLK20R Fingerprint Scanner has a superior ability to do live fingerprint detection and capture high-quality fingerprint images with a 2-Megapixel camera. ZKteco SLK20R RFID reader can be the most comfortable and affordable desktop enrollment and identification device. However, check all the fingerprint scanner price in Bangladesh.

ZKteco SLK20R Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Spec:

Model Name SLK20R
Material Optical
Flash 32 MB
SoC RTOS[image out only]
Image Quality 2 million pixels CMOS
Encrypted Fingerprint Data YES
Sunlight Operation Yes, Darkfield and Automatic Gain / Exposure
Water Splash YES
Dry, Wet, or Rough Fingerprints Work well
Power Consumption 5V:200mA Scanning;5V:60mA idle (waiting for finger)
Live Fingerprint Detection YES
LED White
Product Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, PIV
Power Voltage 5V (USB)
Power Current 200mA
Communication USB 2.0 / USB1.1
Interface Socket USB Type A
Image Resolution 500~1000 dpi
Effective Collecting Area 15.24 * 20.32 mm (FAP20)
Collecting Area 16.5 * 23 mm
Image Size 300 * 400 pixel (FAP20 )
Dimension 49 * 44 * 20.1mm (L*W*H)
Image Format RAW, BMP, JPG
Template ZKFinger V10.0 ; ISO19794-2 ; ANSI-378
Template Size 1- 4KB (ZKFinger V10.0);1568 B (ISO 19794-2)
Gray Level 256
Weight 0.12kg
Operating Environment -20 °C ~ +50 °C; 90% r.h.

Download ZKteco slk20r datasheet


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