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ZKteco TDM95E Temperature Detector Module


  • USB Communication
  • Lightweight Design
  • Temperature Measurement Distance: 3cm to 5cm
  • Temperature Measurement Range: 32.0°C to 42.9°C or 89.6°F to 109.22°F
  • Deviation: ±0.3°C or ±0.54°F

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ZKteco TDM95E Temperature Detector Module Spec:

TDM95E temperature detector is an interior USB Temperature Detection Module suitable both for time attendance and access control devices. You can connect this Zkteco temperature detector with ZK Biometric devices via a USB port for knowing the correct body temperature of each user. It can detect the temperature automatically of users and shows the captured temperature instantly. Know that when the temperature is normal the display panel will show in green color. If the temperature seems abnormal then the display shows it in red color. It also shows the body temperature with numeric numbers, not only showing the green and red colors.

Model TDM95E
Communication USB 1.1
USB Type-C
Temperature Detection Distance 3 – 5cm
Temperature Unit °C or °F
Temperature Measurement Range 32.0°C – 42.9°C / 89.6°F – 109.22°F
Temperature Measurement Deviation ±0.3°C / ±0.54°F
Digital Display Tube 4
Operating Voltage 5V
Operating Temperature 15°C – 35°C / 59°F – 95°F
Operating Humidity 10% – 85%
Dimensions 88 * 88 * 54.63 (mm)
Weight of the Device 0.17kg
Weight of the Device with Packaging 0.29kg

What is the Latest Price of the ZKteco TDM95E Temperature Detector Module in Bangladesh?

ZKteco TDM95E Temperature Detector Module is an awesome device to detect temperature. The ZKteco TDM95E Temperature Detector Module price is changeable. So contact us or visit our office to know the price and stock. Our contcat number 01719300940, 01979300940.

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