ZKteco TS-2200 Tripod Turnstile Barrier System



TS2200 is a dual-lane tripod turnstile series organized for seamless and quiet operation and consumes very little power. Its body made with stainless steel made this TS2200 tripod barrier extremely sturdy. TS2200 turnstile barrier is also amazingly solid and planned to operate in any small spaces. TS2200 barrier tripod arms are typically held in a locked position, thus denying access to the secured side. Upon TS2200’s reader (RFID and/or fingerprint) completely detecting a user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its tripod arms unlock, therefore let the users get pass through the secured side.

There is an option for a built-in REX button that allows users to suitably exit through the secured side without using their fingerprints and access card. Know here 2200 tripod turnstile barrier price in Bangladesh. We supply all kinds of turnstile gates at a reasonable price. Call 01719300940 to know more or place the order.

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ZKteco TS-2200 Tripod Turnstile Barrier System Spec:

Type Bridge Tripod
Arm Length 50cm
Max tolerance of Arms 80 Kg
Angle Per Rotation 120o
Operation Type Twoway – Bidirectional

What is the Latest Price of the ZKteco TS-2200 Tripod Turnstile Barrier System in Bangladesh?

The price of the ZKteco TS-2200 Tripod Turnstile Barrier System in Bangladesh is not stable. We request you to make us a call at 01719300940, 01979300940 to know the price. You can visit our office in Dhaka to discuss your requirement. We can provide installation service too anywhere in Bangladesh.

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