Zkteco VSCN200 Under Vehicle System Device

  • IP 68, all-weather performance
  • Auto digital line scan camera, with a high-resolution color image
  • Image of total vehicle undercarriage
  • 50-ton axle capacity
  • Advanced workstation PC
  • Automatic Image Comparison
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Real-time shadowing

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Zkteco VSCN200 Under Vehicle System Device Spec:

Scanning camera high high High-speed line-scanning camera vertical
Vertical resolution of the image >6000*2048 pixels
Speed of vehicle 1-60km/h (Recommended speed: ≤30km/h)
Effective field of view (FOV) Less than 170°
Auxiliary light 320W
Weight capacity 50T
Water-proof grade IP68
Scanner weight 105KG
Scanner size 1100mm*280mm*205mm
Package weight 140KG+51KG (Distribution box) +90KG (Console desk)
Package size 1300mm*450mm*480mm
700mm*400mm*1200mm (Distribution box)
800mm*750mm*1560mm (Console desk)
Storage 1TB hard disk
Operating voltage AC 220V/110V, 50-60HZ
Surveillance camera 2MP HD camera

What is the Price of Zkteco VSCN200 Under Vehicle System Device in Bangladesh?

This vehicle system helps to control vehicles suitably. You can purchase this device from us at a cheap price. To the running price of the Zkteco VSCN200 Under Vehicle System Device in Bangladesh, contact us at 01719300940, 01979300940. We have more traffic system equipment that we provide in BD.

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