ZKTeco ZKB102 Barcode Scanner

Product Code: OTC2115

  • ZKTeco ZKB102 Barcode Scanner is a CCD scanner with a higher decoding speed and accuracy convenient for all POS systems.
  • Wired USB connection.
  • Built- in 32-bit red laser / CCD reader.
  • Suitable for all types of POS systems.

৳ 3,700


Features of ZKTeco ZKB102 Barcode Scanner Specs:

  • It’s a ZKTeco ZKB102 Barcode Scanner 32-bit red light CCD scanner.
  • The density and reading accuracy is much higher than that of common CCD scanners.
  • Available in Black and White.
  • ZKTeco ZKB102 has a high capacity for the detection of low-resolution codes.
  • Compatible with scanning enabled by both buttons and serial commands.
  • Standard 10-wire RJ45 interface.
  • Wired USB connection.

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