ZKTeco ZKD4330 Walk Through Metal Detector

ZKTeco ZKD4330 Walk Through Metal Detector

· 33 detection zones
· 7″LCD HD display interface
· Remote control
· Simple installation and use
· In and out count
· Excellent anti-interference ability and stability
· Each zone has 300 adjustable sensitivity level
· Supports various language interface customization
· Higher accuracy and verifcation speed
· Pass count and Alarm count memory function

৳ 120,000 ৳ 115,000


Input voltage
Working temperature -20℃~65℃
External Dimensions2220mm(H)*930mm(W)*760mm(D)
Channel Dimensions2010mm(H)*760mm(W)*760mm(D)
Package Dimensions2300mm(H)*335mm(W)*800mm(D)
Gross weight70kg


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