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What is Walkie Talkie and How to Increase the Range?


What is Walkie Talkie ?

The terms ‘two-way radio’ and ‘walkie talkie’ may sound similar. But technically both are not the same. So what’s the difference? In short, all walkie-talkies are two-way radios; but not all two-way radios are walkie-talkies. Let me give you an example, a vehicle or desk-mounted mobile radio can’t be a walkie-talkie because it isn’t handheld. So walkie-talkie is handheld portable two-way radios. Bangladesh has many international brands like AIRCOM, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Hyt.

How to increase the range of Walkie Talkies

There are several factors that affect the range of walkie-talkies or two-way radios. These factors might influence the signal in two-way radio communication. Let us discuss the issues.

Keep Your Batteries Fully Charged

Low battery power is a common reason for weak signals. If you get a low range, the first thing you need to check is your battery. Use high-power batteries, keep your batteries fully charged; buy one set extra battery if possible.

Use Devices with High Transmit Power

Before you buy walkie talkie check the power output in the specification. A 5-watt set gives you a longer range than a 3-watt set. One thing you need to consider is the rules and regulations of your country.

VHF or UHF Frequency

Walkie Talkie Bangladesh-UHF vs VHF

In VHF radio, signals pass through greater distances but work better in open areas. UHF wavelengths are shorter but help them to go through barriers and obstacles more effectively than VHF.

Minimize Barriers

Any buildings, infrastructure, trees even the human body, etc. affect the range of radio signals. If you can minimize these barriers you get a better range. So, it is important not to fasten the walkie-talkies to your waist because the signals get blocked.

Use Long Antenna

Long antennas can increase the range of walkie-talkies. Some models of long antennas are available in the market but be careful about the licensing issues.

Use Vehicle antenna

The metal body of the vehicle is an obstacle. So you can use vehicle antennas for radios when you are inside the car.

Use a Repeater

If you need more than five to ten-kilo meters of range consider using a repeater. With normal repeaters, you may get a 20 to 30-kilo meters range.  Increasing the number of repeaters and setting up towers at certain intervals are required if you need more range.

Increase the Humidity

Signals pass better through humid weather. So, if you use a humidifier you can increase the humidity in your area, and thus you may get a better signal.

We sell different types of walkie-talkies as per client requirements. AIRCOM AC 379L and AIRCOM AC 245

If you want to know about walkie-talkie price and details specification please contact us. 02-9113552; 01719-300-940; 01979-300-940

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