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What is Smart Door Lock System and How It Works?


A smart lock is an electronic locking device that permits the door to open by authorized persons. If we want to say in detail what is smart door lock system then this example could be memorable to you.

Imagine when a person wants to open a common door that we see, as usual, he can open it both from the out and inside. Even a person can open the door from outside if it is not locked inside. So there might take entry unwanted person anytime that might be a cause of any danger.

Oppositely, a smart door lock system doesn’t work for unauthorized persons. No one can open the door if he/she is not permitted by the device or if there are no records inside the smart door device.

How to work the smart door lock?

Smart door locks mainly work by key, fingerprint, card, smartphone. For using fingerprint, the users need to record his fingerprints into the device. After recording, he/she can put his finger on the built-in sensor and the door will be opened. It only will work if you recorded your fingerprint before. The device never works for the unknown person’s fingerprint.


Secondly, you can use your identity or access card to open the door. The card is not an ordinary card as there should have a cheap inside the card where you’re your details will be stored. Generally many offices, organizations, use this device and give access only to their staff. Some models have both fingerprint and key options to use on-demand. The users can use both their fingers, card, and secret keys to open the door. In a smartphone, the users use a smartphone or a key fob to unlock the door. It works wirelessly so the users can use it with more convenience.


Nowadays, many smart lock systems use websites and mobile apps to allow owners to give access to the person. It works by sending the virtual keys. If the owner agrees to give access to another, he/she can send virtual keys so the third parties can use and unlock the door.

Features of a Smart Door Lock

The smart door lock is getting additional features day by day. It offers you multiple options to unlock a door that did not exist in the old model door lock. Some model works using keys, apps.

Let’s see the features- 

  • Manufacture video cameras to see who is standing at the door.
  • A talking system so you can talk to the door sanding people like his/her about.
  • Making emergency siren to keep away intruders.
  • Built-in anti-theft skills to prevent tampering with the lock.
  • Comes with an emergency button that helps to call authorities.

FAQ on Smart Door Lock

What is the best smart door lock?

ZKteco is the best smart door lock brand. They manufacture their lock with a top-security guaranty. It’s a trending brand in this industry. Otherwise, you will find different brands too in marketplaces.

Are smart locks Safe?

Of course, it keeps and your property safe from unauthorized persons. This door lock is adding extra features gradually so you can rely on it to ensure improved security.

Are fingerprint door locks secure?

Yes, it is 1005 secured. You probably know the fingerprints us are different. There is no chance of matching one to another fingerprint. So when you give access to some specific person to unlock the door, no one can open the door without the people you give permission to. Meant, you can use it without concern.

Do smart locks have cameras?

Yes, it includes a camera that lets you see who is at your door. It also helps you to recognize unknown people so you keep your door closed and call someone to avoid danger.

Do smart locks need Wi-Fi?

Smart door lock that works in Bluetooth that doesn’t need Wi-Fi. It works through Bluetooth that directly connects the smartphone and computer without Wi-Fi or data.

From where to buy a smart door lock in Bangladesh?

Finding the right smart door lock is a challenge since you will find flooded sellers both online and in marketplaces. In Bangladesh, we (Olefins Trade Corporation) are providing world first-class smart door lock at a reasonable price.

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You will get different types of door looks that serve you smartly. If you need anyone or need suggestions on which model would be worthy for you then we are here to help you. You may visit our website or contact us on 01979300940, 01719300940. We will love to hear from you.

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