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Why Use Walkie-Talkie Instead of Mobile Phone?


No doubt to say the smartphone is smart. We dial our desired numbers, make audio or video calls, send text messages, capture high-resolution images, read the news, watch movies, monitor our health, and many other things we can do using mobile phones. Yet walkie-talkies are widely being used in various settings. For example-

  • Military and law enforcement agencies
  • Security services,
  • Emergency services,
  • Transportation industries,
  • Construction companies,
  • Hospitality and event management,
  • Manufacturing industries,
  • Clubs, hotels, etc.

Why these industries or offices still using walkie-talkies? In this article, we’ll try to discuss some points to answer this question.

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Your Media in Emergency Situations

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During disasters, cell phone networks may not work. In such situations, you need walkie talkie to keep your team in touch. Even on normal days call drops may occur which may be a great hamper in your busy times. So walkie talkie is the right choice for you.

Free Communication

Communication is totally free in walkie talkie. In a cell phone, you have call charges, subscription fees, line rent, etc. You can’t make a call when your balance is over. Consider an emergency situation. If you can’t make a call it may be a great loss for you.  So walkie talkie is the right choice for you.

Instant Connectivity

In the case of cell phones, it requires time to find the desired number, then you dial, the user may be busy, the network may not be available in either part, phone on the other side may be silent. So connecting a call is not so easy. Sometimes we see a C level boss use his secretary to make calls. Walkie Talkies connect instantly, you just need to press the PTT button.  So walkie talkie is the right choice for you.

Easy Group Communication

Using a mobile phone you call one to one by dialing a number, but in the case of walkie-talkies by just pressing one PTT button you can communicate one to many at a time. So walkie talkie is the right choice for you. 

Rugged and Robust

Rugged cases are used in walkie-talkies so your team members can use them in hazardous workplaces rough and tough where mobile has a chance to get cracking. So walkie talkie is the right choice for you.


Communication in mobile phones isn’t secure. Any third party may have access to your data. But in two-way radios your data is secure. No third party can enter your data. So walkie talkie is the right choice for you.

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