ITC T-7700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software


Product Code: OTC2365

Installed in the main controlling room, duty room, or leader office, you can proceed one-way broadcast (to point, partition, or all zones), and full intercom

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ITC T-7700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software

Broadcast system management and control software, which is installed in the broadcast control center or computer. It is a comprehensive management platform for data exchange, system operation, and functional operation.


* Software is the core of the whole system, managing all the audio terminals, including paging microphone, intercom terminal, broadcast terminal, and fire alarm types of equipment. It displays the real-time IP address, on-line

state, task processing state, volume, etc.

* Support audio stream transmission management; respond to the broadcast demands of all the audio terminals and full-duplex exchange of audio. Support terminal management, user management, a program broadcast

management, recording storing, internal communication management, etc.

* Manage program resources, provide timing broadcast and real-time media services for all terminals, respond to the request of each terminal program broadcast, to provide data interface services for the audio


* Provide full-duplex exchange of voice data; respond to the calling request of intercom terminals; support one-key calling, one-key intercom, one-key for help, one-key alarm; support automatic answering, manual

answering and user-defined answering voice prompts.

* Support various call policies, including call waiting, call forwarding, reminding for no answer; support user-defined setting of time policy and forwarding policy.

* Support terminal linkage trigger of short circuit input; the linkage trigger schemes and quantity of triggered terminals can be set arbitrarily. The trigger schemes include short circuits, music play, patrol alarms, etc.

* Support set multiple timing schemes; support choosing any terminal and setting time.

* Support timing patrol by connecting a warning light. The alarm will be triggered by the timing task or linked by other terminals.

* Support terminal tamper alarm. If the terminal tampers, the system alarm will be triggered.

* Support external power supply management of audio terminals; support timing power on and delay power off, the time can be set arbitrarily.

* Support fire linkage of all zones and separate zones; support N + N mode; support the combination of manual alarm and digital alarm.

* Support login password management of the terminals; support management of authorized scope, priorities, and automatic authorizations.

* Support the management of multiple users and subcontrol of any level; support remote program broadcast management.

* Support 3-wired and 4-wired relay of the volume control ( need add an external power supply to 4 wired volume control).

* Support remote resetting terminals’ support broadcast, intercom, monitoring recording.

* Windows service mode, support Win98 ~ Win8.1 system platform; support hot-swap of master server standby server, which improves the system reliability.

* Adopt the background system service; it has the enterprise-standard server work mode, the system can run automatically when it turns on; comparing with software run in the interface, the software has higher stability and


* Support real-time recording of the system operating state, terminal working state, paging, call, and broadcast.

* The system is compatible with any network structure like a router, switch, bridge, gateway, Modem 、 Internet 2G, 3G,  4G, multicast, unicast, etc.

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