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Security Guard Patrol System in Bangladesh


The guard patrol system is a security system that helps a company or organization to know whether the assigned guards are doing their duty correctly or not. It actually makes a sense of responsibility among the guards. It also indicates let you know whether they are rounding at the right time, doing the activities correctly, and explain what they did.

So you may call this guard patrol system the patrolman of the patrolmen. However, most of the small and large companies/organizations are using a guard patrol system to make sure the actual services from the patrolman. In this article, we will discuss some important relevant topics on the patrol system.

Who uses the security guard patrol system?

As the guard tour system supports a company to observe their officers precisely in time with managing their assets efficiently and renovate their secure facility. That is why many companies are getting involved in this security system. Let’s know which companies use this system.

  • Educational institutes to confirm their student’s security.
  • Security companies to observe their lone workers/ officers.
  • Real estate companies to accomplish their building and guard from damage.
  • Finance institutes to stay safe from outside threats.
  • Public transportation services to conduct nonstop activities and manage regular events.
  • Manufacturing companies to protect goods from damage and keep records of each manufacturing procedure.
  • Warehouse departments to ensure their merchandise security.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services to manage their work and activities.

Why Use Guard Patrol System?

Only a few reasons cannot describe why you should use the patrol system because there are various causes for what you can use it undoubtedly. In this section, we will describe the reasons and let’s know.

Easy to use

The days have gone by when an officer conducting his daily guard’s tour by conveying a bundle of notebooks every time when he passes each checkpoint. It is needed to record any incidents, explain the troubles, and giving feedback and suggestion. These activities were tougher and took a long time to be done.

But owning this guard patrol system, you can decrease the hardship and can do a lot of things very fast. You no need to keep data on paper and send a report simply by pressing a button on the smartphone or a rugged device.


Another second reason for choosing a guard tour system is accountability. Yes, you can store all of your data in a secured database and retrieve it while needed from any location. You also can track activities manage schedules and make officer’s digital footprints to make sure whether the guard tours were executed at the exact period.

Store history log

If you use a guard tour system, you would get proper historical data for all patrols performed in exact time intermissions. All logs are secure in a secure database.


Imagine you assigned a guard and he is responsible for the rounding in time. You might know when they are rounding or whether they are obeying their duty rules correctly. Meant, you might rely on this system because it let you know the actual information.

GPS monitoring

GPS allows you to know the actual position by tracking capability. It also helps not only to know where your guard is now but also to increase their own safety. Meant, you can inspect them along getting better safety. However without these reasons, there are more and more benefits of using guard patrol system.

From where you would get the guard patrol system in Bangladesh?

You will find different sellers sin online who provide this patrol system. But the quality is a matter where various sellers are selling this gadget. From this perspective, you want to find out a reliable provider in BD.

We (Olefins Trade Corporation) provide such security products around Bangladesh. All of our products come from a real supplier and we ensure a 100% quality guaranty. We will get this type of product at reasonable prices and a service warranty. We provide after selling services.




To know more about these kinds of security guard patrol systems in Bangladesh, you may call us on 01979300940, 01719300940 to buy it. We sell walkie-talkies, conference systems, microphones, and speakers, etc.

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